West Virginia Office of Energy Supports Emergency Responders with New Tool to Coordinate Disaster Relief

In times of crisis, the spirit of community shines brightest, especially in a place like West Virginia, where neighbors rally together when disaster strikes. While our brave first responders work tirelessly to save lives and protect property, it's essential that we, as a community, stand behind them, offering support and resources to aid in their efforts.

Partnering with the West Virginia Office of Energy, the West Virginia Emergency Management Division (WVEMD) has recently introduced a powerful tool to enhance emergency response capabilities: the Compact Rapid Deployable (CRD) unit. This innovative technology is a game-changer, particularly in scenarios where fixed cellular sites are compromised or non-operational due to the disaster's impact.

West Virginia Office of Energy Supports Emergency Responders with New Tool to Coordinate Disaster Relief

The CRD unit serves a critical function by providing cellular service to emergency personnel within a two-mile radius when traditional cellular infrastructure fails. Its swift deployment capability—ready to be operational in just 15 minutes by a single individual—ensures rapid communication establishment, facilitating coordination among first responders and other essential personnel. This means that even in the most challenging circumstances, our frontline heroes can stay connected and effectively coordinate their efforts to address the needs of those affected by the disaster.

The WVEMD's mission is to safeguard the lives and property of West Virginians by fostering collaboration, providing guidance, and offering crucial support to local emergency managers and first responders. Whether facing storms, wildfires, floods, or any other natural disaster, our community can rest assured that those on the front lines have the tools and resources necessary to coordinate rescue and relief efforts swiftly and efficiently.

In times of crisis, preparedness is paramount. That's why the West Virginia Office of Energy is dedicated to supporting members of our community not only by issuing deployables like the CRD, but also by enhancing our state and national energy resilience and security strategies, developing in-depth emergency preparedness plans, strengthening the transmission lines of our energy grid, and increasing day-to-day accessibility to energy resources. Together we are ever-ready to overcome adversity and grow our communities into the homes we need them to be: stronger, brighter, and more resilient than ever before.