Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) Application for Local Governments and Nonprofits

The West Virginia Office of Energy (WVOE) is excited to announce that Energy Efficiency Conservation and Block Grant funding is now available to local governments and nonprofits in the state of West Virginia! 

WVOE has received federal funding through the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) State and Community Energy Program (SCEP) Office for Energy Efficiency Retrofits. The funding is part of the historic Bipartisan Infrastructure Law passed by Congress and WVOE is providing sub-grants for projects that improve energy efficiency and reduce energy use at local governments and nonprofits.

NOTE: Local units of government in West Virginia may apply for Energy Office subgrants if they were NOT eligible to receive EECBG funding directly from the Department of Energy (DOE). The list of ineligible local government entities for this subgrant can be found here: Ineligible Entities

WVOE plans to offer 35 energy efficiency retrofit grants (up to $37,000) to eligible local governments and 14 energy efficiency retrofit grants (up to $25,000) to rural community serving nonprofits. WVOE will provide energy technical assistance and audit services through our partnership with the West Virginia Industrial Assessment Center and WV ASHRAE Chapter to assist applicants in identifying energy efficiency projects at their facility.

Eligible retrofit activities include: 

  1. Installation of insulation 
  2. Installation of energy efficient lighting 
  3. HVAC upgrades (to existing systems)
  4. Weather sealing 
  5. Purchase and installation of energy efficient or energy/water efficient appliance and equipment
  6. Retrofit of energy efficient pumps and motors
  7. Retrofit and replacement of windows and doors. 

Local Governments Requirements: 

  • Must confirm that buildings being retrofitted are intended to be in use for a minimum of ten years. 
  • Building must be owned by the entity applying for the funds.

Nonprofit Requirements: 

  • Community serving nonprofits receiving funds are required to have been in service for at least five years prior to application and have a plan to operate for another five years.
  • Building must be owned by the entity applying for the funds.

Cost sharing is not required, but leveraging of funds is encouraged to maximize the energy-related benefits of each project. Additionally, projects in disadvantaged communities as defined by the Climate and Economic Justice Screening Tool (CEJST) will be prioritized.

The application is due by 06/14/2024. 

To apply, please review the grant application guidance, fill out the application form and email it to WVOE will review your application and determine eligibility. Applications require a signature from a representative that is authorized to bind the organization.

Please review resources located on the right side of the webpage for more guidance!

Questions about the program may also be sent to