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About Us

Leaders in the Nation's Energy Production,
We're Guiding You in New Energy Initiatives

Mission: The West Virginia Office of Energy is responsible for the formulation and implementation of fossil, renewable and energy efficiency initiatives designed to advance energy resource development opportunities and provide energy services to businesses, communities and homeowners in West Virginia.

Contact us
West Virginia Office of Energy
State Capitol Complex Building 3, Suite 600
Charleston, WV 25305-0311
(304) 558-2234

Nicolas Preservati
(304) 352-4145 |

Garrett Weaver
Energy Development Specialist
(304) 352-3941 |

Kelly Bragg
Energy Development Specialist
(304) 206-8713 |

Karen Lasure
Energy Development Specialist
(304) 352-3995 |

Sonia Alfaro
Executive Assistant
(304) 352-3944 |

WV Capitol Building
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