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Carpooling Tips

  1. Make it an ironclad rule that the carpool serves one purpose: commuting to and from work. You're in big trouble if it becomes a shopping or errand service.
  2. Arrange for a permanent driver. He or she will feel a definite responsibility and misunderstandings will be greatly reduced.
  3. If driving must be shared, reduce confusion and detailed scheduling by rotating drivers monthly or weekly rather than daily.
  4. Agree in advance on reimbursement for driving expenses. Example: multiply roundtrip mileage by 25 cents per mile, add daily parking costs, divide by total number of carpoolers to determine the share for each rider.
  5. Agree on a regular payment basis. This is very important.
  6. Establish a chain of communications among carpool members to enable quick adjustments. The chain of communication should parallel the morning pickup sequence. If the driver is ill or the car won't start, the driver calls passenger No. 1 and asks him or her to drive. And if a passenger must change plans, he or she should notify the person who is picked up immediately before.
  7. Maintain a regular route and schedule. Try to stick to it.
  8. Resolve to be extra careful about maintaining harmony among passengers.
    • Don't honk for your passengers. It frays neighbors' nerves and often starts dogs barking for blocks around.
    • Since most passengers will be watching for your car from inside their homes, it is most important that the driver is prompt.
    • Have a prior understanding among all passengers on just how long the driver should wait for a passenger. This should be no more than two minutes.
  9. Keep the car in good driving condition: well serviced, safe and comfortable.
  10. Discuss any problems that might arise when your carpool arrangements are first made. Try to anticipate problems so they can be resolved beforehand.
    • It's the little things that mean a lot.
    • Don't overlook items such as smoking, radio stations and earlier starting times during bad weather.
    • It wouldn't hurt to provide each passenger with a concise list of carpool rules.
  11. Establish a pickup and delivery route convenient to the driver's home.
  12. Establish a common meeting place and time for the trip home.
  13. Carpooling isn't difficult. It can be pleasant and enjoyable as long as members set out seriously to make it work.
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